Spire SP526S7-1 CoolWave V Pro Skt 775


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Key Features:

Sleeve bearing black 90mm fan
Omni-Directional aluminium based design
Tool free Push-Pin installation
Low noise at just 21.0dBA
Compatible with Intel 775 micro-processors

More Information
Product Specification
Socket 775 Cooling kit
Heat sink : 80×80×30 mm (l × w × h)
12VDC Fan : 95×95×25 mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing Sleeve bearing
Rated speed
Cooler : 2000 RPM +/-10%
Only Fan : 2000 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 2.16 W
Rated Voltage 12.0 V
Noise level 19 dBA
Air flow 38.95 CFM
Current 0.18 A
Connector 3pin Mainboard
Application Intel Celeron D(340J)
Intel Core 2 Duo(775 Dual-core)
Intel Core 2 Extreme(775 Dual-core)
Intel Core 2 Quad(775 Quad-core)
Intel LGA775(Prescott)
TDP 65-95 W
Thermal resistance 0.365 oC/W
Thermal paste Stars-350
Static Pressure 2.21 mmH2O
MTBF 30000H
Operating Temperature 30~70 oC
Storage Temperature ~10~40 oC
Warranty 3 years
Packaging type Environmental friendly box
N.W 0.211 KG
G.W 0.280 KG
Life hours Sleeve: 30.000
Features Aluminum core, Push-pin Tool-Free mounting

If you are looking for that solid performing but affordable Intel socket 775 based processor cooler without all the bells and whistles, look no further. The CoolWave V Pro, part# SP526S7-1 is the one for you.

The price of a full copper heat-pipe cpu coolers can seriously dent your wallet, so Spire has the ideal solution for you! With the Spire CoolWave V Pro LGA775 Intel processor cooler you have the perfect balance of portability, quality and all, of course, at a bargain price.

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