Hi Point KBHM-8000 High Quality Ultra Thin Mini USB Keyboard


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High quality Ultra thin mini USB keyboard, with Scissors System keys. Well spaced and well defined keys. Rubbery pads support and hold the keyboard in place on a great range of surfaces, for a more stable and confortable use.

Key Features
Ultra Slim USB keyboard
Quick and soft responsive keys
Designed for easy carriage
Comfortable design for long use

Peak force: 55 +/- 5g

Life cycle: 10, 000, 00 times

Touch resistance :< 500

Insulation resistance :> 500

Storage temperature:-20°C~60°C

Power Supply: +5VDC =200mA

Operating humidity: 20%-90%

Length of the cable: 1.50mts

Dimension: 285 * 120*15mm (L*W*H)

Compatible with: windows 98, windows2000, windows XP, windows vista ®, window 7, Mac OS9.0


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