Antec 4 Port USB Charging Station


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4-Port USB Charging Solution

With the 4-Port USB Charging Station’s dual 1A and dual 2A USB charging ports, you can easily charge up to two Smartphones like the iPhone® and two Tablets like the iPad® all at the same time. Simply connect the 4-Port USB Charging Station into a single power outlet, plug in your mobile devices into the appropriate slots and the 4-Port USB Charging Station will quickly charge all of them at once.

Furthermore, the 4-Port USB Charging Station is designed to protect all your devices from dangers such as over currents, short circuits and more. Don’t just limit the 4-Port USB Charging Station to the home or office though; thanks to its slim form factor, you can easily fit the charger into your pocket or purse making it perfect for travelling. Don’t charge your devices individually, charge them all at once with Antec’s 4-Port USB Charging Station.

  AC input: 100-240Vac, 0.8A, 50-60Hz.
• DC output: 5V.
• USB output: 2x2A, 2x1A.
• Total Output Wattage: 25W / 5A.
• Protection: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection, Over Temperature Protection.


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