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Key Features:

This adapter is intended for use on a 100~240Volt AC 50-60Hz mains supply.
Designed to meet the standards of original manufacturer’s specifications.
Energy Saving chip and technology applied.
Over voltage, over current, over temperature, over power and short circuit protection functions.
LED light indicating when the power supply is connected to the supply.
Interchangeable power plug automatically sets output voltage.
Supplied with Twelve Automatic interchangeable power plugs for maximum compatibility.
Automatic Power Switching.

1. Check the input power (Volts X Amps = Watts) marked on the underside of your laptop or on your original AC adapter. The output power must match or exceed the power your laptop requires.
2. Before using this product, make sure you select the correct connector (correct output voltage and size to fit your laptop). AC adapters are safe to use within +/- 1V of the voltage marked on the rating label of the laptop (or on the original power supply).
3. Carefully push the selected power plug into the adapter’s DC outlet socket and ensure it is securely attached. Do not apply excessive force, as this may cause damage to the connector or DC output cable on the PSU.
4. Connect the AC mains cable to the PSU, and then insert the plug into a working mains outlet socket. Ensure the power LED is on; signifying the adapter is receiving power from the wall outlet so the adapter can supply power to your laptop.
5. Connect the PSU to your laptop computer as per the laptop manufacturers instructions. Do not apply excessive force, as this may cause damage to either the DC outlet connector or the laptop.
6. Store your unused DC outlet plugs in a dry, secure place.

Important Information:
The product is designed to recharge the battery while running the laptop,
If the battery in your laptop does not recharge, check your battery and laptop power system.
Not all compatible laptop models appear in the list below.
Laptops have different sized DC power plugs, so make sure the power adapter you purchase comes with a power plug that will fit your laptop and matches its input voltage.
During use, the adaptor will get warm to the touch.

Use the correct DC outlet plug.
Some DC outlet plugs are the same shape and size but have different power output voltages. If you use a voltage higher than your laptop requires, you may cause damage to your laptop.

¡¤ Keep away from water, liquid, fire and out of the reach of children.
¡¤ Do not dismantle or attempt to repair this product yourself.
¡¤ When the PSU is in use, please place on a solid surface (table, floor, etc.) with adequate airflow, and the cable or unit are not a tripping hazard.
¡¤ Avoid exposing the adapter to prolonged periods of extreme heat or cold.
¡¤ When disconnecting the AC adaptor from the computer, ensure you grasp the DC output connector and pull firmly away from the laptop DC input connector. This will avoid damage to the cable and/or the DC output connector.
¡¤ If the adapter or its leads become damaged they must be replaced by qualified personnel with an adapter or leads of the same type and rating to avoid a hazard.

Input: 100~240V 1.8A; 50-60Hz.
Output: DC voltages: 19-20V.
Output power: up to 90 W.

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