Gigabyte KM7580 Wireless Desktop Set


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Key Features:

Reliable 2.4GHz Wireless technology
Invisible Nano Receiver
Quick Access 15 Internet and Multimedia Hot Keys
Spill-resistant Design
Laser Engraved Key Cap
DPI adjustable between 500 and 1000
High definition Optical Sensor
Two optional colors for White and Black


2.4GHz Wireless

Transmission Frequency
Up to 5 meters

Receiver Connector
Plug & play nano transceiver

Switch life
Keyboard: 1 meters times
Mouse: 5 meters times

Battery Type
Keyboard: AAAx2
Mouse: AAAx2

Keyboard: 425(L) x 155(W) x 25(H) mm
Mouse: 98(L) x 59(W) x 35(H) mm

Keyboard: 518g
Mouse: 60g

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